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Our group training is not like what you would find in a commercial gym. Tribe PT Trowbridge was built especially with group training in mind. Bringing people together making fitness enjoyable but still ensuring you get the most out of every session. With our extensive range of group sessions, there are no excuses to miss a session.

From early morning all the way through until evening we have you covered 7 days per week.

Whether you’re new to fitness or have been training for years that doesn’t matter. We have regressions and progressions to make sure everyone gets the most out of each session.

Each class offers something unique to help you achieve your goals and do it with an amazing group of people.

Group training that can be scaled to any ability. Whether you are an expert in the gym or a complete novice, everyone can take part in our Fit sessions. A fun and fast paced class designed to work the whole body. Incorporating both strength and conditioning, cardio and core work, this class is designed to build cardio fitness and compliment fat loss. great place to start.

Group training which allows us to really focus on helping clients learn key lift movements safely and effectively. These classes are strength based using fundamental exercises. They are not just about lifting heavy, you’II be taken through various training styles and techniques to help build confidence and form.

Suitable for the first timer to the experienced Yogi. An energetic flow, based on Ashtanga. We focus on improving your balance. core strength, range of movement & flexibility, together with breathing techniques and relaxation at the end.

Group training that can be scaled to any ability. Our fuel classes are designed to get your heart pumping and your muscles firing! A high intensity class using a combination of body weight and resistance exercises along with short bursts of cardio.

Group training that can be scaled to any ability. These early morning sessions are slightly shorter at 45 mins and designed to wake you up, get your blood pumping and get you set up for the day ahead. A fast faced mix of body weight and light weight exercise will help tone your body and compliment fat loss.

Group training that can be scaled to any ability. These non contact classes are designed to boost your boxing skills and stamina while giving a real knockout to your muscles and cardio system. A fun, high energy calorie burner which will really get your heart pumping.

Group training that can be scaled to any ability. A high energy and fast paced class designed to work the whole body. Working your way around a series of stations, you will spend a set amount of time on each exercise, getting short bursts of cardio, resistance and strength training. No class is the same, we make sure there is plenty of variety and challenge regardless of your current fitness levels.

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All of our classes are coach led, so you make the most out of each and every class and we ensure you are progressing where possible, but training safely and effectively.

We have a range of group sessions to ensure that you achieve the results that you want in a friendly, yet challenging environment.
Our classes are held in Trowbridge at our training unit on the whitehorse business park, near North Bradley. Easily accessible from Westbury, Melksham, and other surrounding towns.

To book yourself in for a trail please complete the form below and one of our trainers will call you as soon as possible to get you booked in.

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