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Weather your goal is:

  • Get your fittest ever, building muscle and blasting body fat
  • Looking to lose 10 – 20lbs and feel better about you, without training for 3 hours on a cross trainer every week.
  • Running 5k or a marathon.
  • Or maybe just want to join a community, have fun and meet some awesome people through fitness.

At Tribe PT we want you to be the most confident version of yourself, everything we do in training is to help you improve your lifestyle, more energy, more strength and fitter than ever.

Our Mission is to create a community of people who not only enjoy training, but inspire others to do the same, helping more people make positive changes in their lifestyles, we are stronger together.

We always aim to help or involve the local community in what we do and help others. As a business we are partnered up with Dorothy House Hospice for all our fundraising events and team runs raises money for them.

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Dean Connolly

Personal Trainer ( Owner )
Hey, I'm Dean. Tribe for me was founded on the idea of bringing people together all with similar goals to create a community that helps and supports each other through fitness. Something I felt was missing in most gyms I had trained and worked in. One of my goals was to create an environment that was friendly and fun, helping everyone make positive changes, build confidence, and just feel awesome. I love what we do at Tribe and every member that walks through the door. For my own fitness I enjoy challenging myself and always look for adventure, climbing mountains, running ultra-marathons and getting muddy at obstacle races.

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Corrina Webb

Personal Trainer
I have been working in the fitness industry for 17 years and have worked with lots of clients of different ages, sizes, fitness levels and goals... Wedding/ post baby/ skiing/ marathons/ OCRs… Every single person has achieved more than they thought they would, from being able to run a mile without stopping, or be able to do a full press up, to using that slightly heavier kettlebell... to completing a workout class! I understand how challenging it can be fitting workouts in and that need to make the most of the time… and I believe workouts should be fun, get you moving, and I want to help you make the best version of yourself! It’s not about how much you do, it’s about completing it to the best you can, moving forward and achieving so much more! Life is one big adventure, your adventure… I enjoy keeping active by going for family walks and love my OCR’s! I have a bug for going on holiday and exploring new places and challenges.

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Damiean Fielding

Personal Trainer
I first got into fitness at the age of 17. Whilst I was doing an NVQ in Sport and Recreation, It was placed in a local leisure centre, that I discovered my passion for being in front of a class. 25 years later and the passion and drive to help people change their lives is still very much there. Along the way, I have studied Physiotherapy, Sports Psychology, Health and Nutrition, Pre and Post Natal exercise prescription, Personal Training and Movement Screening. I have worked in major chains, such as, L.A Fitness, Fitness First, PureGym, Nuffield Health and Energy Fitness.

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Hayley Symonds

Yoga Teacher
Hayley is our resident yoga teacher and has been teaching with us since 2020. She is accredited with the worldwide yoga alliance and undertook her training and study in India, the birthplace of yoga. The yoga classes at TRIBE are open to all levels with no previous experience required. Hayley’s class focuses on building strength and flexibility through a hatha vinyassa flow practice aligning movement with breath. The class also offers that all important deep relaxation against the backdrop of a chilled Ibiza classics soundtrack. She is a dedicated and devoted teacher offering support and encouragement throughout the class and within the wider TRIBE community.

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Lucy Sutton

Personal Trainer
A level 3 PT with a real passion for helping people to fall in love with fitness and, as a result, fall a little more in love with themselves. Lucy’s classes are friendly, fun, and designed to fill you with feel-good endorphins, using a combo of weight-training and cardio and finishing with a good stretch and flow.

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Amee Dewitt

Business Manager
Hi, I’m Amée and I’m the new Business Manager at Tribe PT. I joined Tribe PT as a member when my youngest was 4 months old. I’d been following Dean’s journey to open the new unit for a while. A mad moment mid night feed lead me to sign up to a 6 week challenge. I desperately wanted some ‘me time’ back and had missed the buzz of a good workout. When Dean contacted me to have a chat, he instantly put my mind at ease. First class complete and I was hooked with the positivity, the energy, and the support from all the trainers and members.

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