Personal Training With Tribe

Never quite got the results you’ve been looking for before?

Never know where to start?

Lacking energy and motivation?

Never thought about setting goals for yourself?

…Maybe our personal training is what you have been missing! We’ve helped hundreds of clients achieve things they did not think was possible.
In fact, we usually have people who have tried everything, and are too busy to waste more time and effort on another quick fix, extreme diet or new fad that usually ends with them back at square one, only now more frustrated.


We understand exercise can be hard without proper motivation and know how, we strive to make our sessions as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible – allowing you to achieve the body of your dreams while enjoying the process.

Personal training is a great way to be accountable for your fitness. One of our skilled coaches will tailor your personal training regime to suit your needs, wants & goals using a mixture of precise and effective exercise techniques with an excellent and easy to follow nutrition approach to fit around your busy lifestyle.

Our initial consultation will be used to set goals and talk about your current lifestyle. We want to know about your goals, your lifestyle and what part you want fitness to play in your life.
From there we can figure out how we can best help you get the results you want to see and more importantly learn how to keep them.

Keys To Success

We look at your overall lifestyle and what positive habits you can build on, to ensure that your results are not only achievable, but are sustainable long term.

Back to basics – We find the easiest way for you to find consistency within your lifestyle. Our training and programmes are designed for you as an individual.

Keeping you on track with weekly check ins and regular goal setting sessions, we are here to see you achieve your results.

Community is key, nothing keeps you more motivated long term then training with likeminded people so you can celebrate your wins together


Small Group Personal Training

SGPT allows each member to receive more personal attention with one of our coaches. Working towards your goals with a maximum of 4 people is a great way to keep the workouts both fun and motivating.
We deliver something that gives you all the benefits of having a 1-1 Personal Trainer, but with the added benefits of paying less and enjoying your journey with people on a similar path.
You get your own plan; you get your own exercises.
Everything we do in the session is adjusted for you – you simply share the session with 3 other people



At Tribe PT Trowbridge, Wiltshire there has never been a better time to join with us.
To find out more about how our personal training packages to suit your needs & lifestyle, complete the form and one of our coaches will be back in touch very soon.




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