Believe in Yourself

We believe it's possible to be the healthiest, most confident version of you, while having fun in the process


Join team Tribe and take on different challenges and fundraising events throughout the year. As well as support and inspire others in their success and struggles.


We want to not only get you the results you’re looking for, but also give you the knowledge so you can not only get results but keep them. We are all about long term change in mindset, habits and exercise.


Motivation and accountability are a huge part of what we offer in our packages, you won’t simply be training with us once a week in the gym, in order to get you results that last, we keep you on track throughout the week.


We do it a little different here at Tribe PT in Trowbridge . With a planned weekly timetable for group training and personal training for those who want it. Our private facility provides a safe place to enjoy your training and challenge yourself to reach new personal bests!

Everything we do is coach lead ensuring you make the most out of each and every training session. Our training is designed around our core values: developing strength, increasing fitness levels & improving mobility… all whilst dropping the body fat, helping you feel confident and full of energy!

Our Mission is to create a community of people who not only enjoy training, but inspire others to do the same, helping more people make positive changes in their lifestyles, we are stronger together

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workout to suit your lifestyle

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Level 3 & 4 Qualified Trainers

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What We Offer

Our Programmes

Personal Training

There is nothing better than Working 1-1 with your own coach with a programme built around you and your lifestyle making sure you have all you need to achieve your results.


With access to 14 different classes per week, our group training could be just what you need. Get stronger & fitter whilst training with a like-minded community.

Small Group PT

Small group PT allows each member to receive more personal attention from the coach, reaping all the rewards of personal training in a small fun group environment.

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“Come for results, stay for community”

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