Welcome to Tribe PT

Tribe is a team of personal trainers based in our private studio in Trowbridge town centre. Helping people from the surrounding towns, Bradford on Avon, Westbury & Melksham to move, feel and look better.

Our mission is to create a community of people who not only enjoy training, but help to inspire and motivate others to do the same; by creating this community, we believe our clients will benefit from long-term, sustainable results.

Many people are often intimidated by the gym environment and confused by what to do to get their results and keep it. They worry about how difficult training can be, what training plan to follow, what exercises to do, how stupid they will look and much it is all going to hurt!

I am here to tell you that this is NOT the case. Our methods are tried and tested and they are always designed around you, your lifestyle, work and family.

No one size fits all, everything from start to finished is designed to help your create your change.

Success Stories

Tribe Personal Training Kateland


“My goal when is started was to lose weight & lose fat, because I had put on weight over the years and I just could not keep it off.

I wanted to feel better, I didn’t want to feel so sluggish all the time.

Before I didn’t do gyms, I hated gyms. I hated the idea of walking into a gym and everybody looking at me.

Training at a studio and you can feel really good about yourself and not have to worry about anyone else, that’s what sold it for me.

With confidence I’m at a gym, with Tribe.

I though it was gonna get easier, it doesn’t get easier, but god do I feel better”

Tribe Personal Training Trowbridge Ja


“I've struggled with Depression at various stages throughout my life and in recent years, Social Anxiety too.

After only a few weeks into my programme I had what I call a bit of an unravelling. I was probably heading for a breakdown but thankfully from past experience, I recognised the signs and got help from my GP. I was having panic attacks every morning and felt extreme anxiety all the time.

I shared what was going on and we tailored the sessions around my issues.

It's been fantastic, it gave me something to focus on and it's become an area of my life I can control.

It's a sustainable change and in six months, I've lost nearly two stone, have toned up all over and feel so much stronger. Equally though, the personal training has been great for me mentally!”

  • Knowledge & Support

    • We want to not only get you the results your looking for, but also give you the knowledge so you can not only get results but keep them. We are all about long term change in mindset, habits and exercise.

  • Community

    • Join team Tribe and take on different challenges and fundraising events through out the year. As well as support and inspire others in their success and struggles.

  • Accountability

    • Motivation and accountability are a huge part of what we offer in our packages, you won't simply be training with us once a week in the gym, in order to get you results that last, we have systems in place to ensure we keep you on track and stay in touch 7 days a week.

  • What to expect

    • We don't do fast track 'detox' or crazy diets and no one size fits all training programmes. We ensure from start to finish our packages are built around you. Your work, your family and your social life to ensure that it is not only achievable, but enjoyable.


Fitness Is Our thing, We Hope To Make It Yours Too.


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